I had a go with the Leica X Typ 113 (from now on I’ll refer to this simply as the ‘X’!) at The Photography Show in March and a good chat with someone from Leica.  I was offered the chance to get a review sample, but despite chasing them up a few times it never happened for whatever reason.  However my curiosity had been piqued, and an up-coming trip to Ireland would give me the chance to try one out properly when all I had to do was shoot images for myself, something of a rarity these days.  Prices of new bodies were too much for me to buy one personally just to try out, but I found a second hand one at a crazy (literally!) price.  I honestly think they must have marked it up wrongly.  I’d set about selling off some stuff I either don’t use any more, or could do without, the week before so I could buy one.  I had enough to buy it, and fortunately some to spare, something that I’ll come to later.  I was leaving for Ireland very soon so had it express delivered and set about reading everything I could and watching all the YouTube videos on the X that I could find before it arrived!

See more about what I think about the Leica X Typ 113 on my new personal blog here



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