Sony a7 Canon lenses!

I’ve done a quick video of the Sony a7 with an electronically coupled adapter showing the Canon EF 17-40L lens doing its AF thing!

This is the adapter I used – Viltrox AF EF-NEX Lens with Mount Adapter for Sony Camera

The only thing is that you need to adapt it yourself for the a7 because it is set up for APS-C on the NEX and the internal plastic baffling cuts the corners. Chop that part of the baffle out and it works great with the a7 – I take no responsibility for damaged adapters if you decide to do the DIY work yourself!  It isn’t hard and took me about 15 minutes with a screwdriver, some glue, a hacksaw and craft knife.

AF speed is greatly reduced from using the native Sony EF lenses, but it does work and it means you can use existing Canon lenses without a manual aperture control.

Anyway. here is the video – see what you think for yourself.




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