Before the madness of Photokina I took my Fujifilm X-T1 out with me on a walk with my daughter and decided to document our time out as we walked, occasionally posing, but mostly shooting as we walked and just capturing her rather varied repertoire of expressions!

All images were shot on the XF35mm at f/1.4 just for a challenge to see if the X-T1 could manage to keep up with her!  I didn’t use burst mode or continuous AF, just single shot and AF-S mode.  The X-T1 coped very well and did everything I wanted from it.  I couldn’t imagine that I would have come away with better images should I have had my old Nikon dSLR gear.

I’m tending more towards capturing moments these days and less and less about the technical side of photography and I’m really enjoying photography more as a result and finding my images are becoming much more what I have been aspiring to shoot rather than worrying about if they are technically perfect.  I feel the emotions and feelings of the moment come out much better than I’ve managed in the past.




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