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Although many cameras now have a hard plastic cover over the fragile rear screen, I always like to protect them from unsightly scratches, and if the screen protector does ever get scratched then it can simply be replaced, leaving your camera looking like new.  This is important not only to avoid it looking bad, but a bad scratch can affect your ability to preview an image, and ultimately the resale value of your camera.

The ACMAXX LCD Armor screen protector was a product I came across when looking for something to protect the screen on my X100.  I knew that the protruding screen on the X100, as opposed to the recessed screen on an Olympus PEN for example, was more prone to getting scratched.

I’ve had a multitude of those cheap thin stick-on clear plastic covers in the past.  To start with they are a nightmare to get on without any dust being trapped underneath, which always leaves an annoying bump and spot on the screen, then more often than not attract more fingerprints than the original screen so you’re forever wiping them clean.  Finally, after a while you get dirt ingress around the edges, which at first become unsightly and then the film starts to peel off – you do have to wonder why they are sold in packs of 6 in the first place!  Even the more expensive ‘premium’ versions of this type of protector, though better, eventually end up peeling off – if you’ve used one, you’ll know what I mean!

So, along comes with ACMAXX LCD Armor screen protector.  Prices vary from camera to camera, the X100 and X-Pro 1 versions are $23 each with a very reasonable $1.79 international postage, they are mailed out quickly and if you’re not in the US, delivery is generally fairly quick.  It isn’t a cheap product for a screen protector, but it isn’t an ordinary protector, and will pay for itself eventually when you resell your camera with a pristine screen!

Installation is extremely simple, it doesn’t stick to the screen itself, rather to the border area around the screen with a band of 3M ‘sticky substance’!  This means that specs of dust beneath don’t result in a bubble.  I was skeptical of claims that the protector could be removed and re-stuck easily (without it being too easy, resulting in it getting knocked off) but after slightly mis-aligning it on the first try it was very easy to remove (with a little heat – see their instructions for details) and re-position without any drama, but contrary to my suspicions, it remains firmly stuck in place and isn’t prone to getting knocked off by not being sticky enough.

At 1.2mm thick, it does protrude from the screen, but not excessively so, and that extra layer of plastic does give some reassurance that it will really protect the LCD screen if you drop or knock the camera.  Visibility isn’t impaired, despite the border, because the protectors are designed specifically for each model of camera to allow the entire area of the LCD to be viewed.  Viewing angles aren’t affected, and reflections are kept in check with a low reflection coating – certainly no worse than the original screen.


I have to admit that I wasn’t all that keen on the chrome border, but once you’ve installed it on the camera it actually looks pretty good – especially on the X100 where it almost looks like part of the design of the camera, matching well with the silver finish.  Even on the all-black X-Pro 1, it doesn’t look at all out of place.

The protectors I have on my X100 and X-Pro 1 both appear to be very scratch resistant, and although they do get fingerprints on them (what doesn’t!) they are good at not getting too smudged up and are easily cleaned, unlike some of the other screen protectors that can be ten times worst than the original screen!

If I’d know about these earlier I’d have dumped the Nikon supplied clip-on plastic LCD cover on my D300s (that endlessly fell off!) and replaced it with one of these!

I’m very impressed with the ACMAXX screen protectors and will certainly be buying them for any new camera I purchase. I purchased the screen protectors myself, they are not review samples that I was sent, and I only write up about things that I genuinely use myself and think would be a benefit to other photographers.  If you want the best screen protector around, the ACMAXX LCD Armor is the one to buy!

You can get more details of the ACMAXX products and their re-sellers from their website here, or buy direct from their US eBay store.  The X100 version can be found here and the X-Pro 1 version here.

Specification and features according to ACMAXX

 1. Scratch, Dust and Water resist
Poly-carbonate LCD Armor with Nano coatings makes it scratch, dust and water resistant. Surface hardness reaches 5H V.S. regular LCD coating fewer than 2H.

2. UV (Ultraviolet) Coating
UV coating provides additional benefits of correction for   Ultraviolet (UV) light which can affect LCD as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. Ultraviolet coating allows you to correct for the UV effect to varying degrees. It makes your LCD display better color and clarity. Multicoated to minimize reflection at the LCD screens which reduces flare and ghosting.

3. Proprietary Low-Reflection Coating
This technology allows ACMAXX LCD Armor to effectively reduce reflection of sunlight and interior lighting to provide vivid pictures wherever you are.

4. Wide Viewing Angles (176º H x 176º V)
ACMAXX LCD Armor’s viewing angles are so wide, you can view the screen clearly from anywhere.

5. Poly-carbonate 1.2mm, resists yellowing non-glare hard coating.
ACMAXX LCD Armor is designed to deliver top quality with long product life. 

6. High light Transmission – over 92%
High light transmission materiel ensure that ACMAXX LCD ARMOR can produce the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible.

7.  Proprietary Designs – DSLR Models ONLY
Any proprietary designed ACMAXX LCD Armor has a unique model number. It will perfectly match your screen and it looks integrated with your devices.

8. Chrome Style Trim
Custom style design make a more dramatic statement than almost any other option. Get your digital camera more than a few envious looks

9. Easy to handle and apply.
This is a hard frame type of protector. It has a 3M type of sticky layer on it. Very easy to apply and it can be removed.
It snap around the LCD and it will NOT touch the LCD screen
It can be applied and detach at any time.



About The Author

Matthew Maddock is a commercial photographer based in the Lake District, UK. Specialising in the hospitality and outdoor sports industry. He is a Fujifilm X-Photographer and Getty Images contributor. His portfolio can be viewed at

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