Patrick laRoque has released a new personal project today.  A mix of music, photography and conversation as he puts it.

Combining great music, some extremely thought-provoking imagery, as you would expect, and his writing this creates as interesting exploration inside the mind of Patrick laRoque.  A deeply personal project that has obviously been a significant venture for Patrick and you can feel that he has very much opened himself up and put all of himself into this.

I will leave you with Patrick’s own words to describe the project.

“Let’s say we’re having a beer. It’s a nice, cool summer evening and we’re sitting in some hip café, shooting the breeze, going from one topic to the next.

Now let’s imagine that while we’re having this conversation, you somehow get injected inside my head—like Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace you know? Yeah, old movies…whatever…but through the psyche instead of the blood stream. Images are fading in and out, seemingly random and yet somehow connected.

There’s music playing, enveloping the landscape, voices slightly out of range. All the while you can still hear me, murmuring ideas about photography…sometimes going into more personal subjects.

That’s what I had in mind with this. It’s a slice of my brain circa 2015, a project meant to share thoughts and emotions through words, images and music. A raw, disjointed and slightly oneiric journey that I hope will pull you in for the ride.”


If you want to know more, you can follow this link to his page at




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