New firmware for the Fujifilm X-E2 brings X-T1 features and enhancements

A new firmware update has been released today for the Fujifilm X-E2 bring with it updated features and enhancements from the X-T1.

The refresh rate of the EVF has been updated to match that of the X-T1

Focus peaking is now available in a selection of colours rather than just the white from before – yellow and red are included as well as a new one – blue!

Face detection can be assigned to the Fn button now, something I use a lot of the X-T1 as it is frustrating because when face detection is activated you can’t move the AF point – still don’t understand why!

VIEW MODE! Can finally be added to a Fn button – this is a biggie for all those of us who think that removing the View Mode button was a non-sensical thing to do in the first place.  It still isn’t as neat as on other cameras though because you get a menu option rather than the cyclical options on the cameras with a real View Mode button.

There is an additional Suppressed Flash option in the flash menu – although I’m not sure why as surely just pushing the flash down does that!  Maybe it is for when you are using external flashes and you want a one-off without the flash without the trouble of turning the flash off.

Finally there has been a bug fix when using film simulation bracketing.

Download the software from here

Description of the update from Fujifilm




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