On-Location Lighting Workshop in Manchester – 7th March

On the heels of a sucessful fully-booked workshop in Manchester at the end of last year, I am planning to return once the weather has warmed up a little.  The workshop will be run on a Saturday this time to allow anyone working to join in without taking time off.

Book here…  http://photomaddshop.com/shop/general-accessories/manchester-on-location-lighting-workshop/

We will be shooting lifestyle and fashion with stunning model Zoe both indoors at the Royal Exchange and on the streets of central Manchester.


Learn about on-location lighting, with particular reference to shooting with the Fujifilm X-Series cameras as we shoot through the day, but you may bring any camera you wish as long as it has a hotshoe then we’re good to go!

I will be going over the camera settings for Fujifilm X-Series cameras that I use, how to get the best out of them and about off-camera flash for on-location for both subtle and dramatic effect. Turning day into night, the use of modifiers etc.

We meet at 11:00am at the Royal Exchange in central Manchester to start and finish at 4:00pm.  We will have approximately four hours shooting our model, Zoe, who you can see here in the photographs I’ve posted.  We will break for a drink part-way through, the cost of which is included in the price, to discuss anything that has come up.  After the shoot we will have a debrief and an informal chat with a chance to show off any images if you want to.  Anyone wishing to stay on is welcome to join us for a meal afterwards.

The first part of the workshop will last approximately 1 hour and we will start in The Royal Exchange in one of their suits.  This will cover the use of off-camera lighting, how to trigger it, camera settings, different types and some technical and artistic use of modifiers.

The technical aspects are aimed at relative beginners and intermediate users.  More advanced photographers will benefit from great lighting, locations and a fantastic model for considerably less than it would cost you as an individual to set up and shoot.

We would be shooting using a Profoto B1 flash mainly, but also speedlights and the Orbis ring flash – options for all budgets!  Simple and lightweight setups for one person to be able to do on their own.

The aim is to shoot on the street a much as possible, but if it rains heavily then we will be shooting indoors at our fantastic location in the Royal Exchange seen below.

Royal Exchange Suite

The event is tailored towards Fujifilm X-Series camera shooters, although you are welcome to join us with any camera you wish.  If you don’t have a Fujifilm X-Series camera then I have a good selection of cameras and lenses you could try out and will be able to loan other kit from Fujifilm UK for the day if there is anything in particular you wanted to try – cheaper than hiring, and you get advice too!

We will have the new twin-speedlight Gemini umbrella bracket from Damien Lovegrove and the Orbis Ringflash from Enlight Photo to try out alongside the Profoto B1.

As we shoot, I’ll be giving out 1:1 advice to anyone who wants it.

There will be a maximum number of 10 attendees so you will have plenty of opportunity to get your own shots.

I am a commercial photographer based in the North West and offical Fujifilm X-Photographer.  You can see a selection of my images at memaddock.co.uk

Book here…  http://photomaddshop.com/shop/general-accessories/manchester-on-location-lighting-workshop/



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