I’ve been wondering for a while why this hasn’t been done.  It cannot be an insurmountable challenge to translate one set of electronic instructions into another, and Kipon have proven that it is indeed possible to mount and electronically control Canon EF lenses on both the micro four-thirds and NEX mounts.

It comes at an opportune time with Canon releasing the EOS M, the primary benefit to Canon users being the ability to mount their EF lenses.  These adapters might just make them think twice about switching systems if they are already committed.

They are not pretty it has to be said, with bare wires seemingly everywhere, but hopefully they work consistently and reliably with most, if not all, EF mount lenses.  Perhaps we’ll see a Nikon version in the not too distant future.

There are no details of availability or prices yet.


From Kipon

KIPON developed electronic adapters through the co-operation with Japanese engineers,using Canon EF mount lens on NEX &m4/3 mirrorless cameras,through the dial ring or button to control the iris of original Canon EF lens,let those who bought mirrorless cameras can enjoy the Canon EF lens.

Listing specific dates and prices to be determined.




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