Fujifilm X-T1 Grip and Arca-Swiss Plate Kit

L-shaped Quick Release Plate Bracket and Grip Kit for the Fujifilm X-T1

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L-shaped Quick Release Plate Bracket and Grip Kit for the Fujifilm X-T1 Black

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This is a custom made CNC machined aluminium plate designed specifically for the Fujifilm X-T1.  Standard tripod plates if left on the X-T1 block access to the battery compartment, this arca-swiss plate can be fitted and left on the X-T1 without interfering with any of the functions of the camera allowing quick attachment to a compatible tripod head and yet still giving access to the battery compartment.

The plate does not block access to the battery, SD Card or access doors.accessories,camera,fuji,fujifilm,grips,l-plate,photomadd,photomadd shop,tripod,uk,x-e1,x-e2,x-t1,x100,x100s,x100t

The side door can be opened giving access to the three connectors, Mic/Shutter Release, USB and HDMI.

Unlike many plates of this design, the electronic remote shutter release (available here) can be used whilst the camera is in portrait mode and attached to a tripod.

The plates add a certain level of protection to the body as well as adding a little bulk to aid the camera for stability.

It is compatible with the standard ARCA-SWISS tripod heads, which is also used by Kirk and 3 Legged Thing.  I highly recommend the 3 Legged Thing tripods with the Airhed ball heads which are fully compatible with our grips.

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I also supply a tripod adapter head that will take standard Arca-Swiss plates.

The plate does not restrict the downward movement of the rear tilting screen.

It is an all metal design which splits into two modular pieces.  You can use it in with out without the vertical L-plate. The vertical L-plate allows you to shift your camera quickly into portrait mode without having to fiddle about. Allen keys are included to allow quick assembly and disassembly.

The base plate is attached with a screw which goes into the existing tripod socket.  This can be tightened with both and allen key or screwdriver/coin so you can do it whilst out in the field.  There is an additional tripod plate screw mount point in the vertical part of the grip should you need to attach a different tripod adapter.

The base plate includes a tripod mounting point which is moved to the central line of the lens, allowing for better panning and if you need to connect your own tripod plate, it moves it away from the batter compartment so you can leave that permanently attached*

Package contents

1 X-T1 Removable grip
1 X-T1 Base plate
1 X-T1 Vertical L-plate Allen keys
Weight: 135g

*depends on size of your tripod plate.  Standard Manfrotto and Small Giottos plates work well.



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