I’ve been running firmware v2.0 on the X-Pro1 for a week now.  I was away at Photokina when it was released, but asked someone at the Fujifilm stand to update it for me, which they did – thanks for that guys!  I have had a few people ask me what I think about using the X-Pro 1 with the new firmware, so I’ll put my thoughts down here.

First is the one everyone wants to know about – AF performance.  I’ve got to be honest, aside from in certain situations I’ve become quite accustomed to the AF on the X-Pro 1 and found it less and less of an issue the more I have become used to the camera.  Saying that, it’s always nicer if a camera can lock focus quicker as it may mean you catch a moment that otherwise you would have lost.  There is no doubt that AF performance is quicker on the X-Pro 1 after the firmware update.  I was expecting some sort of revolution… well it isn’t that, but it’s certainly now on a par with most other mirrorless cameras around, only perhaps beaten by the E-P3 and OM-D, which are both just ridiculously quick!  The 18mm I’d say is now very quick, with the 35mm not too far off.  The 60mm still lags somewhat behind, but I would expect that being that it is a macro lens and has a lot further to travel from close-up to infinity.  Where you’ll really notice the difference is in low light.  All three lenses now lock on much more positively when things get dark.  Where the 60mm lens would hunt back and forth before, it now runs through the range and locks on focus first time in most situations.  I had a good go with the 18-55mm lens at Photokina and it does seem to be snappier than the existing lenses for the X-mount.  I suspect the upcoming lenses will be designed to be faster performing and we’ll see even better AF performance when using them on the X-Pro 1 over current lenses.

Manual focus is like a revolution.  The rate of focus changes depending on how fast you turn the focus ring, so if you want to quickly run from one end to the other, give it a quick sharp turn and it’ll zip right to the other end of the focus range really quickly all in one go now.  What’s nice is that if you want to fine tune focus, you can turn it slowly and the focus will creep along until you get it just right.  The MF zoom now has a 3x magnification option alongside the previous 10x-only magnification, which makes it a lot easier to focus the 60mm lens as the zoomed image at 10x had a tendency to jump about far too much.  It is now realistically possible to manual focus quickly on the X-Pro 1.

Card write speeds. I’ve been using the SanDisk 95MB/s cards from the start so I’ve honestly not seen any issues with this anyway so can’t really report myself on whether things are better or not.  I’ve read others saying it’s improved so I guess they must have done something!

Auto-ISO up to 6400 – always nice to have extra options, but I tend to not run over ISO 3200 unless I choose to, and if I do I do it manually, so I doubt I’ll be using it myself.

Other changes we’ve seen are the indicator LED is now switched off when the EVF/OVF is being used – that’s for left-eyed shooters who would have it flashing in their right eye.

What’s missing?MINIMUM SHUTTER SPEED FOR AUTO-ISO – I don’t get why this hasn’t been included yet.  It’s on the X100, why would it be missing from the X-Pro 1???  Please please Fuji get this one done!  MUCH more important than having an Auto ISO 6400 option!

Any problems?…Something I’ve noticed is that occasionally the white balance changes in the EVF just before shooting, although the actual image comes out correctly.  I don’t remember that happening before v2.0.  It doesn’t happen every time, but it’s kind of weird when it does.

This is a big improvement from Fuji for the X-Pro 1.  One of the reasons I love the Fuji X-series cameras is Fuji’s ability to listen to its customers and actually make real changes that we ask for.  The X100 is still receiving updates two years after being announced, and the X10 is just about to get a new firmware update to add new features too.  You can’t say that of many camera manufacturers – most of them just replace models with newer ones rather than bothering to make the old ones better.  Overall it’s a great update and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to install it – just don’t forget to do your lenses at the same time.



About The Author

Matthew Maddock is a commercial photographer based in the Lake District, UK. Specialising in the hospitality and outdoor sports industry. He is a Fujifilm X-Photographer and Getty Images contributor. His portfolio can be viewed at memaddock.co.uk

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4 Responses

  1. nuno

    I agree. Not a revolution in terms of AF increase speed. I kind of feel the AF the same, even in lower light. It still hunts . (-:

  2. Fred Reddy

    I also would love to see the addition of minimum shutter speed. It was a feature included in the X100. I have no idea why it’s not in the X-Pro1.

    However, I have noticed that in Auto ISO, my shutter speeds have been increased noticeably. Whereas I used to shoot around 1/52s, I’ve noticed lately, the camera has been shooting around 1/90s.

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

  3. Joachim Gerstl

    Great reviews of the X and NEX cameras.

    I noticed that the first image on every post has the wrong aspect ratio. Maybe it has something to do with my web browser ( Safari ).

    • Matt Madd

      Thanks. The aspect ratio is something to do with the theme I’m using – I’ve just re-vamped the website and I’m working on fixing it!

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