Showing that they are keen to respond quickly to feedback from users, Fuji have today released a firmware update for the X-Pro 1 to reduce the lens ‘chatter’ issues some users have been complaining about.  The firmware also addresses a couple of other minor issues, as detailed below.

DO NOTE – Fuji say that you have to update the firmware for the lens too. Follow the links below to get the firmware for both your body and lenses.

Installation is simple, download the firmware, copy the file to the root directory of an SD card and then press the Back button whilst turning the camera on – I wish Olympus would make it as easy as that rather than forcing people to connect their camera to a PC.

The firmware update Ver.1.01 incorporates the following issues:

  • 1.Reduction of chattering noise from iris of lenses in shooting mode.
  • 2.Improvement of phenomenon that parallax compensation does not work under condition of manual focus with OVF bright frame mode.
  • 3.Improvement of phenomenon that OVF quality as low visibility due to too bright OVF under the condition of power save mode during pressing the shutter button halfway.
  • 4.Improvement of phenomenon that delete function does not work after viewing continues shooting mode images.

Download the Fuji X-Pro 1 update here.

Download Fujunon XF 18mm lens firmware v1.01 here

DownloadFujinon XF 35mm lens firmware v1.01 here

DownloadFujinon XF60mm lens firmware v1.01 here



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