21-March-2012 – Fuji have released version 1.2 firmware for the FinePix X100 camera.

Major changes include improved AF speed – I’ve been using the X100 extensively in the past two days with v1.13, and the difference is certainly noticeable with v1.2 – I hadn’t actually read the release notes before installing and using it, and wasn’t aware that AF speed improvement was part of the upgrade, so it wasn’t a psychological thing!  Close range focusing in dark condition is still not quite there, but you can feel the difference immediately.  Although it isn’t mentioned, the MF seems greatly improved too, turn the dial even moderately fast and the focus zips from one end to the other rather than crawls there. You can still turn the dial slowly for very fine adjustment, although MF lag is still an issue, I guess this is more to do with the mechanics of the thing rather than the electronics.

There is now also the ability to assign the RAW button to any of the options you could also assign the Fn button to – the most useful of which I think is going to be the ND filter toggle – this will be a big relief to people who like to control ISO themselves using the Fn button, as they can now keep this permanently on the ISO setting and have a second assigned button for another function rather than swapping between the two.  You can also hold down the RAW/Fn button for three seconds as a quick access to it’s assigned option to change it quickly to something else.

At last!  The Auto ISO function is part of the ISO selection on the shooting menu and not in a totally unrelated camera setup menu!  Sadly this doesn’t extend to the Fn button ISO selection, so if you wan’t to manually choose a one-off ISO setting, you still have to go into the menu and disable Auto ISO, then go back and re-enable it afterwards – that’s a shame as it wouldn’t have been hard to do.

Face detection is included, but don’t get too excited, it isn’t for AF, it is for when previewing the images so that the zoom function will automatically zoom in on any face in the image.  It’s a welcome feature as the face is generally what you zoom in on when checking focus.  Many people would have liked face-detect AF, and expected it, from a future update, but my feeling is that the processor of the camera just isn’t up to the job.

Unlike the annoying Olympus update procedure, the Fuji one is a simple case of copying the .DAT file to an SD card and pressing the Disp/Back button whilst turning the camera on.

Download the firmware from Fuji here

Full details of the fuji v1.2 firmware as described by Fuji

  • 1.Some functions, which can be set to “Fn” button and shown as “Fn BUTTON” in SET-UP menu, can be also set to RAW button. After pressing the command dial to right in the SET-UP menu of “Fn BUTTON”, “Fn” and “RAW” are displayed and each of selectable them,
    Also, by holding down RAW button for more than 3 seconds, same type of selection menu for RAW button is displayed, just as short-cut procedure.
  • 2.By selecting in “ISO” menu in the shooting menu, either ISO sensitivity value or “ISO AUTO CONTROL” can be selected.
  • 3.When AF MODE is set to “AREA” in Single AF (AF-S) mode, active focus point is zoomed in (magnified to approx 5x) by pressing center of the command control.
  • 4.When “ND FILTER” is set to “Fn” button or “RAW” button, setting between ON (“ND” is displayed) or OFF (“ND” is NOT displayed) can be changeable by pressing “Fn” button or “RAW” button, which is set for “ND FILTER”.
  • 5.When the image is shot with vertical angle of the camera and played back the shot in the LCD, the image is displayed with whole area of LCD even after pressing “playback zoom in” button.
  • 6.When the human face is shot, the detected face is displayed during the playing back, and pressing the command dial to down, detected face is magnified during displaying.
  • 7.AE control system and AF performance including AF speed has been improved for movie recording mode.



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