DxO are better known for the software and testing of cameras and lenses, but they have come out with a new camera that attaches directly to the iPhone, along with companion App.


Specs look promising with a 1in (presumably Sony) sensor and a 32mm f/1.8 lens.

The camera plugs directly into the lightening port and can then swivel up to 60 degrees in each direction.


I love the idea of it as a very pocketable camera that gives great quality and with direct connection to the iPhone giving instant access to sharing.


My main concern would be the fixed lightening port connector, which means if Apple change that on future devices, and I think it is quite likely that they will move to a more standard USB 3 eventually, you’ll be left with a piece of obsolete hardware.

Image quality looks excellent from the supplied sample images, and you can even shoot in RAW.






Check out the DxO ONE dedicated page here, where (if you’re in the US at least) you can pre-order it.  Price is $599, or a rather confusing £499 in the UK when it launches here.  With the Sony QX100 containing what I assume is probably the same 20Mpx 1.0in sensor, yet with a zoom and WiFi functions for £349, this may be where the DxO ONE falls over.  With demand for the Sony product not exactly high, this feels already like a niche product without much of a market.  At £249 you would probably persuade a lot more people, perhaps myself even, to buy one.





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Matthew Maddock is a commercial photographer based in the Lake District, UK. Specialising in the hospitality and outdoor sports industry. He is a Fujifilm X-Photographer and Getty Images contributor. His portfolio can be viewed at memaddock.co.uk

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