Professional photographer and Fujifilm X-Pro 1 owner David Cleland shares his knowledge and experience of long exposure photography in his new eBook, The Long Exposure.

In this book David talks us through everything from the basic equipment you need, through the technical aspects and onto post-processing of your captured images. Included are six Lightroom presets that can be used to enhance your long-exposure scene.

The book is well written and explains everything in simple terms for the beginner photographer so anyone can follow the technical aspects of long exposure photography without needing advanced knowledge of your camera or photography.  That doesn’t mean more advanced users would not benefit from reading the book and benefiting from advice based on his own experiences.

Throughout the book we are treated to an array of David’s beautiful long-exposure images, which are all water -themed as that is David’s speciality in this area.

He explains how he goes about setting up the camera, offering hints and tips along the way gained from his own experiences.  Discusses composition and the need to stand back from the technical side of things from time to time.  For me the most interesting part was how he processed the images in Lightroom, again giving away some great tips to enhance your image.  The book surrounds the use of the X-Pro 1 in long exposure photography, but his techniques can easily be applied to any camera with the use of general photographic terms anyone can use with any equipment.  Post-production work describes his use of Lightroom and the addition of the 6 great Lightroom presets adds significant value.

The book is priced at $5 and is worth that just for the beautiful Lightroom presets alone.  If you’re interested in getting into long exposure photography it is well worth a read and could well end up saving you money by advising you on what you need without spending too much on expensive and unnecessary gear.

Buy now and benefit from a reduced price of $4 until the 6th October with the code “longoffer”.

More information on the eBook is available from

About David

David Cleland is a landscape and reportage photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

David is best known for his landscape and documentary photography which has featured in a number of photographic exhibitions his solo exhibition, an exploration of the decay of a 400-year evacuated mill received critical acclaim.  David also teaches film and animation applying the rules of still photography to the art of moving image.

David’s work has been accepted by Getty Images and been published in a number of national publications and used in numerous book covers.

David has written for a number of publications on the importance of photography in education and also produced tutorials and papers on a range of photography techniques.

David’s website is, and he can be followed on Twitter @flixelpix and Facebook.



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