Adobe Lightroom 4 is been released, and surprisingly at a significantly reduced price over the previous version. In the UK it is selling for £103.88 for the full version and £59.09 for the upgrade directly from Adobe, although for some reason (I think it is because of VAT – sales tax) the download version is more expensive than Adobe shipping you out the box! You would have thought they would reduce the price on the download version to compensate for the additional sales tax, if not make it even cheaper than the boxed version.

It is still significantly more expensive than buying Apple’s Aperture through their Mac App Store, but in my opinion it is worth it.  Surprisingly for an Adobe produce it is very easy to use and the graduation tool is worth the extra money over Aperture for my money.

I’ve only played with the final release version for a short while, but the speed improvements are immediately obvious over LR3 on the Mac, I suspect that’s due to it being a 64-bit [only] program now.  Windows users get both 32-bit and 64-bit versions included.

For full information visit the Adobe Lightroom website page here.



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