Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Updates – Fujifilm X-Trans RAW Processing Updated

Adobe CC 2015 version of LR and PS are out now.

New dehaze slider works wonders!

lightroom cc 2015 dehaze

Fujifilm X-T10 support

Most importantly, and for the first time I can recall, Adobe have officially said their processing of the X-Trans RAW files suck and have done something about it, with what looks like significant improvement.

Fixed Bugs:

Sometimes in high contrast areas colour bleeding could occur. The image below has areas of high contrast, especially in where blur meets red.

adobe raw x-trans update

In their own words on the Adobe Blog. “In the latest update, this has now been fixed and the results are spectacular.”.  Best to click on the images to see the difference.  It does look like the much needed update that a lot of X-Series owners have been waiting for.


Check the blog link below for more details.




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