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fuji, fujifilm, headshot, matthew maddock, x-t1, xf60mmI am a full-time ‘professional’ photographer as much as I am an enthusiast, who probably spends more time with my camera than I should but never as much as I would like!  You can see my personal work at www.mmaddock.co.uk.

Get in touch at matt@photomadd.com

I don’t like to criticise others work, but prefer to praise what I like.  I love photography, pretty much all my free time is taken up either researching or taking photos!   As much as I love photography, I love the tech behind the scenes – I’m a techie geek, and it’s as much a part of it as taking pictures for me.  Some people seem to think this is wrong and that it should be all about taking pictures and the final photo, but a classic car enthusiast doesn’t have to spend all his time driving to enjoy classic cars does he?!

Why do you like Fujifilm cameras so much?  They pay you, right?!  You don’t know how many times I’ve been asked or accused of that!  Let me be clear, I am not employed and I do not, have never been, never likely to be paid by Fujifilm to do anything!  More recently as this site has become popular they have started to send me review samples of certain cameras or lenses, but most of them I still buy myself with my own money.  I own them, and I use them in my personal and professional life on a daily basis.  I like Fujifilm cameras because they take me back to my days of ‘real’ cameras with real controls.  They focus my mind not on all the menus, buttons and options, but on the basics of taking a photograph.  In that respect, they have helped improve my photography skills immensely over the past few years since I started off with an X100.  Fujifilm are also very keen on communicating with it’s camera owners, and taking onboard what we say to them, then improving the camera as we have asked for.  That is a very rare thing from a camera company.

My Photography Story

I started taking photos more seriously with an already old and battered second hand Zenit SLR I had bought from one of my teachers at secondary school for £10!  I soon became hooked on it and used the Zenit until it died, which is when I upgraded to a Nikon f401 and became a life-long Nikon fan.  Although my university degree was in IT, I spent almost all my spare time out with my camera, and the evenings developing and printing images in my room with the darkroom equipment I bought second hand from Jessops, in the days when Jessops was more like your local friendly knowledgable camera shop.  I’ve since upgraded many times, made the switch to digital a long time ago, but still have that same passion for photography I did back then well over 20 years ago.

I’m currently loving the X-series of cameras coming from Fujifilm.  I bought an X100 in 2010, and after realising this was a life-chaging moment for my photography, I sold all my other equipment to eventually buy the mind blowing X-Pro 1 with the 3 available lenses, letting go of all my dSLR and other compact cameras in the process – yes, I had quite a collection!  I now shoot almost everything with the Fujifilm X-Series and spend a lot less time obsessing about other gear.

This blog is entirely independent.  It’s independently funded and written.  I try to keep ads down to a minimum.  I’ll only ever endorse or place adverts for those things that I have used myself and I think are worth my own money buying.

Why don’t I see many negative reviews on this site?  Well, it’s quite simple – if it doesn’t excite me, if I don’t like it, I don’t write about it!  It takes a lot of time to write articles and review things, I’d prefer not to waste my time (and money) on something that’s doesn’t interest me!  That doesn’t mean I won’t dish out a healthy dose of criticism when things aren’t up to scratch though.


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