Huge list of firmware updates for Fujifilm cameras and lenses

Fujifilm have today announced a long list of updates to their cameras and lenses.

It is mostly a compatibility upgrade and a minor improvement to manual focussing on lenses as well as lens/teleconverter compatible body updates, there is also a fix for the X-Pro2 which is well worth getting.  There is a reported improvement in the OIS …

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Fujifilm X-T10 Hints and Tips

Fujifilm X-T10 Hints and Tips

These are my Fujifilm X-T10 hints and tips for getting the best from your camera based on my own experience, questions I’ve had, information from the manual that you never read, stuff I’ve discovered for myself that wasn’t in the manual, and things I’ve read and thought were useful!

Setting up the Function …

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Back to film!

I’ve decided to shoot some film more recently to slow me down again.  I purchased the Fujifilm X100 not long after it first came out – yes, I’ve been using Fujifilm X-Series cameras as far back as 5 years ago now, not just jumped on them recently!  The X100 was awful when it first came out …

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The Leica X Type 113

If you’ve read any of my posts recently, you will know that I’ve been after a stripped back digital camera.  I’d love this to be a Fujifilm, but they are adding more and more features, which I’m finding a little distracting.  Yes, I know I can ignore them, but with the super-fast AF of the …

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Tethered shooting with the Fujifilm X-T1

Tethered shooting has long been a benefit of having a dSLR over the Fujifilm X-Series cameras, and for many, especially those who do a lot of studio work it is a must-have feature that has prevented them using the Fujifilm X-Series either for that type of work, or at all!

Note: This is an older post …

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Sigma dp Quattro Review – The Entire Range – dp1 dp2 dp3

Sigma dp Quattro Review

The Sigma dp Quattro range of cameras are all fixed lens APS-C sensor cameras, each model with their own particular focal length lens.  I am going to write about the entire range as a whole, for reasons I will explain.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity by Sigma UK late …

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Fujifilm XF90mm f/2 Lens Review and Gallery

The Fujifilm 90mm f/2 lens is the one that many portrait photographers have been waiting for, 135mm in 35mm full-frame terms equivalent, and a serious f/2 version at that.

This lens is one of the big hitters for me in the Fujifilm range.  A lens that could well draw in a whole new range of photographers …